VMAXX stands for lifestyle pleasure at the push of a button and has nothing to do with smoking. VMAXX offers aromatic pleasure combined with the best nature has to offer: pure, organic CBD.

An authentic CBD experience

Discover VMAXX – the next generation aromatic CBD infused Liquid Vaporizer.

Enjoy our balanced aromatic flavor profiles
in three CBD concentrations:
2.5%, 5.0% and 7.5%.

The way to perfection

Perfect products are no coincidence. Rather, perfect products must be created consciously – every time anew and without compromise, pod for pod. We achieve this by loving and living our principles.

We could create a faster and cheaper way from the cannabis plant to the finished VMAXX product- but not a better one. Because we know that a single faulty plant can spoil an entire batch, we control the quality down to each individual flower and deliberately focus on the smallest details..

That means we strive for continuous improvement at every step along the value chain – from local, sustainable Swiss cultivation to the finished liquid – with the goal of creating perfect products for our customers.

The origin

Decisive for the taste and the quality is the selection of the raw materials used. That is the reason why our selection at VMAXX starts with the best raw materials we can find. Because only an perfect start can result in a perfect product. For us, it begins with plants from controlled, sustainable Swiss cultivation and noble aromas of special quality, which must meet both strict external criteria and specific taste profiles. This is the prerequisite to compose our characteristic liquids.

Harmonious ingredients packed in a noble design

Just as a perfumer knows the harmonies of his ingredients, our experts create different aromatic compositions.


Highest Quality of raw materials and ingredients for a perfect product – made in Switzerland

Purest, organic CBD crystals from controlled, certificated sustainable Swiss cultivation


Longterm relationship to our farmers.


In addition to the characteristic aromatic taste we have put as much emphasis on design and handling. Gone are the days of cumbersome vaporizers. VMAXX offers a simple and timeless design in five stylish colors, fitting into any pocket – or a lady’s handbag.